How to Design Beautiful Email Marketing Templates Free

  After understanding the importance of email marketing, you may have already made up your mind to start sending out newsletters. Perhaps you have already identified an email marketing service provider. But now you are faced with the task of creating an email marketing template for your newsletter and you are confused and don’t know where to start.   In this post, I will show you 6 free ways to create beautiful email marketing templates. By the end of this post, you should be able to create a newsletter template, even if you have never created one before.   Essential […]

9 Reasons PDF Newsletters are Bad For NonProfit Email Marketing

Does your nonprofit still send out PDF newsletters? If you use PDFs for your nonprofit email marketing, you are putting so many limitations on yourself. Even though PDF newsletters are easy for the sender to create, ease of creation does not necessarily translate to ease of use for the reader. Here are 10 ways you are doing yourself a disservice by using PDF newsletters for your non profit email marketing. 1.    You can’t track readership When you send out PDF newsletters, you are basically sending out emails and holding your breath and hoping that everyone you mail will get the […]

37 Free Newsletter Creation Tools for Creating Professional Emails

Over 190 billion email messages are sent and received in a day. For your newsletter to stand out, it must have great content and design. Since creating amazing newsletters can be such a challenge, here are 37 free newsletter creation tools. These tools will transform your newsletter creation process and make it so much easier. Design StripeGenerator 2.0-Use it to create backgrounds for your newsletter. Choose different colors, patterns and styles. You can then download the background you have created and use it on your newsletter. DaButton Factory– Need to create a call to action button in your newsletter? Use […]