My goal is to help you communicate better with your donors/supporters and develop meaningful relationships with them.


Having been the recipient of missionary newsletters from some missionaries that I support and other missionaries that I am friends with, I was struck by the quality of the newsletters I received. I can say that only 25% of the newsletters I received were of high quality, another 25% were of standard quality and the other 50% were of poor quality that just made me want to unsubscribe or just spam them.


Having been a writer and editor for 6 years, I was obviously disturbed by this trend. I knew that these missionaries were well meaning and they were out serving the Lord but I wondered how they can send out such badly written newsletters to their supporters and not care at all. So I did some bit of digging around and discovered that:

  • Most missionaries just don’t realize how important their newsletters are in helping them raise and retain support
  • Some missionaries don’t have good writing skills or they just plain hate writing
  • Other missionaries are just too busy in the field to pay too much attention to their newsletters
  • While other missionaries have the time and willingness to write a newsletter but they don’t know what constitutes a good newsletter, so they just do their best and send out their newsletters. Problem is, their best is just not good enough.


And that is where I come in.


I put together a team of writers, graphic designers and editors and started a missionary newsletter writing service. The aim of this team is to make sure that you only send out the best newsletters to your partners. This is achieved in 3 major ways:


  • Providing you with well researched information on how to write good newsletters
  • Providing you with both free and paid resources to help you write quality newsletters
  • Providing you with writing and design services, which you can hire to ensure that your newsletters are of top notch quality



You now have no excuse to send out substandard newsletters to your partners!


I (Julie) manage this team. I am responsible for coordinating the team, projects and dealing with clients.


We are your go to person if:

  • Your newsletters are boring and you want to make them more exciting for your partners to read
  • You don’t have good writing skills and writing newsletters is a struggle for you
  • You have a tight schedule and you find it hard to squeeze in time to write your newsletters
  • You need a professional to look over your newsletter and advice you on how to make it better


We are available!

We won’t keep you on a waiting list for weeks. We try to meet our client’s needs as soon as possible.


Here is a list of our services:

Evaluate your newsletter and tell you which areas need improvement- FREE

Just send me an email at with 1 or 2 of your newsletters and I will have a look at it. I will advise you on 3 major areas – the writing, design and pictures.


Newsletter Set Up from scratch on an email software program e.g MailChimp or Aweber $ 399

This service includes:

  • Setting up your email account software account
  • Creating a customized newsletter template for your campaign, which is mobile responsive

For those who have a blog/ website or a Facebook page, I can also

  • Set up sign up forms for your newsletter, opt in emails, thank you page
  • Set up your unsubscribe emails, unsubscribe successful page
  • Uploading a series of emails that can be automatically sent to your subscribers when you first add them to your mailing list
  • Set up anything that you want to give away to your subscribers free of charge when they

First join your newsletter. E.g. your mission, testimony, an eBook you have written etc



Customized Email Templates- $ 99

This service includes:

Making your email newsletters mobile responsive, so that they can be read on mobile phones

Setting up areas where you can insert text and images in your newsletter

Setting up a header for your newsletter

Include social sharing buttons in your emails e.g Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc


Write and edit your newsletters – $ 50

This service includes

  • Ensuring your emails have a great introduction that will captivate your readers and keep them reading.
  • Ensuring your emails are interesting
  • Come up with great subject lines for your emails, to prompt your subscribers to open and read the emails
  • Check for proper image captioning, image placement, image editing
  • Write the newsletters e.g  you can verbally record what you want written in the newsletters and I will transcribe it and write it down in an interesting manner.
  • Including an appropriate call to action at the end of each email