Over 190 billion email messages are sent and received in a day. For your newsletter to stand out, it must have great content and design.

Since creating amazing newsletters can be such a challenge, here are 37 free newsletter creation tools. These tools will transform your newsletter creation process and make it so much easier.


newsletter creation tools

  • StripeGenerator 2.0-Use it to create backgrounds for your newsletter. Choose different colors, patterns and styles. You can then download the background you have created and use it on your newsletter.
  • DaButton Factory– Need to create a call to action button in your newsletter? Use this tool to create your own buttons. But, you will only get the graphical element of the picture and not the HTML version. You also have the option of using ready-made buttons on the site.
  • Banner Maker– A great tool for creating newsletter banners.
  • Really Good Emails – Visit this site to draw inspiration on how to design your emails.
  • Infogr.am – It is a design tool like Canva. Use it to create visual presentations of data, like infographics, charts and graphs. It integrates well with Ms Excel.
  • Adobe Kuler– If you are not sure which color combinations go well together, use this tool. Create custom color combinations in your newsletters.
  • Image Color Picker– If you are not good at combining colors, snap a photo of your image and upload it on this site. Click on an area on the image and use corresponding RGB, HEX and RSV values to pick colors that will complement it. Use these colors in other parts of your newsletter.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – This is a great and easy to use tool for designing images. It comes ready installed in most Window based computers.

Content Creation

newsletter creation tools

  • WordtoCleanHTML – If you first write your newsletters in Ms Word before pasting it into your email program, then use this tool. WordtoCleanHTML will remove a lot of the weird formatting and characters that word documents have, which are visible in HTML. Copy your newsletter from your Word document to WordtoCleanHTML and then to your email program.
  • Grammarly – Have no one to proofread your newsletter or you are not sure whether your grammar is correct? Use Grammarly to check your grammar before you send out your newsletter.
  • Hemingway App – Use this web app to assess whether your newsletter is hard to read. It will highlight areas where you need to improve. For instance, it will check if there are any passive sentences in your content.
  • Help Me write– Ask your audience what they would like you to write about using this tool.


Testing Tools

newsletter creation tools

  • Litmus – Allows you to test how your newsletter will look like in different browsers. This is important since all email clients render emails differently. You can try it out for free for 7 days.
  • Litmus PutsMail– Lets you test how your emails will appear by sending it to a few people first before you send it out to your entire list.


  • EmailBlueprints– If you use MailChimp, you can download newsletter templates on this site. You can modify the templates as you want.



newsletter creation tools

  • Croppola – Use it to crop out images in a balanced way.
  • Online Image Splitter – Use it to reduce the size of your images. This will reduce chances of your newsletter going into the spam folder due to huge image sizes. You can also use it to convert, spilt images and crop photos.
  • Canva – Use this tool to design great images for your newsletter. You can use it to create beautiful visual content. They have great free templates, which you can use.
  • Unsplash– Get free high resolution images that you can use in your newsletter.
  • GIMP– A free image editing tool. It is like a simplified version of Photoshop.
  • Resize.it– Use it to resize your images to whatever dimensions you want.
  • Pixabay– Get copyright free high quality stock photos from here.

Subject Lines

  • How to Write Magnetic Headlines– Grab this free 56 page PDF eBook from CopyBlogger. You will get tips on how to create amazing subject lines for your emails.
  • Headline Analyzer80% of people will not read past your subject line. That is why you need to make the subject lines in your emails interesting. Use this tool to score your headline quality.



  • GeoHive– Use this site to get global statistics on populations.
  • Atlas – This is a data centre where you can find charts and any kind of visualized data. Just search using any keyword and the information will be presented to you graphically. Great tool to use if you want to present any data to back up content in your newsletter.



newsletter creation tools

  • ZohoDocs – Free word processing tool like Google Drive. Use it to type and edit documents and spreadsheets. You can access your content anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • Evernote – Write and store ideas for your next newsletter here. You can also collaborate with others. It is a mobile, desktop and browser based app, which you can sync across all your devices, as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Notepad– Text app, which is available in Window based computers. Use it to write your emails instead of Ms Word and then copy paste into your email program.
  • Dropbox – Use it to store your images, documents and files online.
  • Google Docs – Write and edit your newsletters here before copy pasting them into your email program.
  • Open Office – A free word processing document for writing.
  • Google Calendar – Use it to schedule dates when you should write or send out newsletters. It will keep you from forgetting to send out newsletters when you should.
  • MailChimp – This is an email marketing program. Use it to create beautiful newsletters within minutes. You can also get a list of over 100 other email marketing programs



Creating a newsletter can be quite hectic, but it doesn’t have to be. Use these newsletter creation tools to make your work much easier.

Which other free tools do you use when creating your newsletters?




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