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Your email list reduces by 22.5% every year. So even if you already have a big mailing list but you do not continue building it up on a regular basis, you will eventually be left with a small number of people on your list.


Why do people leave your list?

Some of the reasons why people leave your mailing list include-

  • People often change their email addresses, especially if they are moving from one company to another one.
  • Other people abandon old email addresses that they no longer use. Some people create email addresses that they specifically use just to sign up for newsletters online. With time, they move on from using these email addresses and get other emails.
  • Other people opt out of receiving your newsletters for various reasons. It could be that your messages no longer resonate with them or they are receiving too many messages from you.


Whatever reason people have for leaving your list, as long as you do not add more people to your list on a regular basis, you will eventually have fewer people to connect with and this will affect your fundraising efforts. Studies show that email marketing is still one of the best ways to acquire new leads and convert them into customers.


It could also be that you are starting a new mailing list after launching your newsletter and you need to get subscribers. Or it could also be that your number of subscribers stagnated at some point and you want to increase your number of followers.


Growing your email list is important because it helps you connect with your donors, subsequently helping you to raise more money for your organization.


Here Are Some Easy Ways to Get More People to Join Your Email List


  1. Make it obvious where your subscription form is -Do not place your subscription form in a hidden place on your website. It should be easy for any visitor on your site to locate your newsletter sign up form. If possible, place the sign up form on all the pages on your website. If you would like to know more strategic places where you should place your sign up form on your website, sign up here to get my free eBook Top 31 Actionable Strategies to Start Using Today to Grow Your Email List.


email list


  1. Tell visitors why it is valuable for them to sign up to your mailing list- That means that you should make signing for your email list valuable. One way to do this is by including an enticing offer in exchange for your visitor’s email address. This can be in the form of a free eBook or resource that will benefit the visitor. For instance, Dr. James Dobson does this on his sign up form below.


email list


  1. Give your subscribers something valuable that they can only get if they join your list– This will get them to sign up, so as to receive the free giveaway. It should not be possible for visitors to get the information anywhere else on your website or online. Make it an exclusive offer for your email subscribers only.


  1. Add social proof. This improves your credibility since it gives people the idea that they are missing out on a lot if they are not on your list. Seeing a big number of people on your list gives people the confidence that what you have to offer is valuable and that is why you already have many people on your list. For instance, you can tell them how many other people are already in your mailing list. If you have huge numbers, do not be afraid to show it off. Litmus does this on their website, as you can see below.


email list


  1. Encourage your current subscribers to share or forward your emails to their friends. You can easily do this if the email service provider you are using has a ‘Forward to a Friend’ Link at the bottom of their newsletter templates.


Some newsletters also have social media share buttons, which makes it easy for your subscribers to share your newsletter with other people who are in their network.


This will expose your newsletter to a wider group of people, who might also choose to sign up for your newsletter. Be sure to ask your subscribers to share your newsletter if they feel that it will be helpful to other people.


  1. Create multiple subscription forms that target different people– People will only respond to messages that target them. Have different sign up forms that target different needs of your subscribers. What might not appeal to one person might appeal to another one and encourage them to sign up for your newsletter.


  1. Include your sign up form link in your email signature and in employee email signatures. That way, when you send out emails from your organization, more people will see your offer and sign up for your newsletters.


  1. Add a call to action button on your social media pages– Instead of including a link to your website; include a link to your newsletter sign up form. For instance, you can do this with your Twitter handle and Facebook fan page.


  1. If you have a YouTube channel, include sign up links in your video text descriptions and in videos. This will attract a diverse audience that might be different from the people who come to your site.


  1. Run promotions on other websites or newsletters. Includes links to your newsletter sign up page. Just make sure that the newsletters and websites you promote in have your target audience, otherwise you will end up with a non responsive list of people.


Use paid search to direct traffic to your landing page– It is not just enough to have a newsletter sign up page, you need to drive traffic to the page, so that people can sign up for your newsletter. Paid traffic is a great way to reach your audience.


  1. Archive past newsletters on your website. This will give people an idea about the kind of content that they will get from you once they sign up for your newsletters. This will help them decide whether to sign up for your newsletter or not.


Most email service providers make it possible for people to archive newsletters on their site. If your email service provider doesn’t allow for this, then upload PDF attachments of your newsletter to your site. Litmus does this on their site.

email list


  1. Work on your visitor’s objection list. Come up with objections that your visitors might have against signing up for your list and address them.


For instance, some of the concerns you can address includes whether they will get spammed, whether they will be able to leave your mailing list when they decide they no longer want to be in it.


Also, they may be concerned as to how you will use the personal information you are asking them for. It should also be clear why they need to sign up for your newsletter.


  1. Make it easy to subscribe to your newsletter. If possible, reduce the number of clicks people need to make before they can sign up for the newsletter.


Research shows that people are more likely to fill out shorter forms than longer forms. Marketo decided to conduct a research, where they split tested forms with 5 fields, 7 fields and 9 fields that visitors had to fill out on their website.


The 5 field form performed better against the rest. Their research findings showed that adding additional fields to the forms decreased conversion rates by 12%.


Also, minimize the amount of information you ask people to provide before they can join your list. Some of the basic things you can ask them to provide include their name and email address.


If you ask for too much information, your visitor’s will become suspicious as to why you need all that information about them therefore; they will be more hesitant to sign up.


Remember that the ultimate goal is to get people to join your list. You can get more information out of them later on.


Keeping everything simple on your sign up page will help to direct the visitor on the call to action that you want them to take. The fewer the distractions on the page, the better.



Can’t Get People To Join Your Email List? Here Is What You Could Be Doing Wrong


If you have set up your newsletter and sign up page but you aren’t getting any conversions and very few people are joining your list, it means that something is wrong. Here are some of the things that you may be doing wrong that may be preventing people from joining your list



  1. You may be targeting the wrong group of people. If the people who come to your website are not interested in what you have to offer, they will not sign up on your list. This requires that you change your source of traffic, to get more targeted people.


  1. It could be also that you are not marketing your newsletter. It is not enough to just set up your newsletter sign up form, you have to market it, so as to create awareness about it. You can use free and paid options to market your newsletter.


  1. Test your offers and headlines that you use on your newsletter sign-up page and see which ones your visitors respond well to. Use the popular options once you identify them.


  1. Apart from text, use other forms of lead magnets. For instance, instead of giving away a free eBook or white paper, consider giving away a free audio or video. Some people respond better to audio-visual messages than written text.




In conclusion, there are multiple things that you can do to get people to join your list. Keep experimenting until you find out what works best for you.


If you would like to get more tips on how to make the most of your newsletters, you can join my mailing list here.


What are some of the things you have done to grow your mailing list?

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